The Trailblazer's Anti-Roadmap for Online Business Success

This workbook teaches you how to leverage both 1:1 and 1:Many offerings to grow a thriving business while still maintaining time for your personal life. Because you don't need a "formula" or "hack", you need an anti-roadmap with the 4 essential elements to get wherever you want to go by blazing your own unique trail.

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    Margo Carroll

    Empathy Marketing Strategist

    Creator of Trailblazer Toolkit™️

    Who am I?

    Busy coaches, course creators and thought leaders come to me when they need brand guidance, customer research, emails, webinars and sales funnels that give them back their TIME while also increasing revenue.

    Above all, I encourage you to be YOU, not them.

    What will you learn?

    Inside this 26 page workbook you'll learn the 4 elements you should be pulling together INSTEAD OF a "roadmap" or "formula" in order to get your business to your desired destination.

    Whether that summit you want to climb to is your first 5-figure month, new members in your program every week, or $60,000 net income this year, it's all achieveable with these four elements in place.